Above Ground Pools

An above ground pool is ideal for the smaller home/garden or if you are planning to move house within a few years (simply empty, dismantle and take with you!) and an above ground swimming pool is a pool without the expenses of an inground pool.

Above Ground Pool

Quick & Easy Installation

Thoughts therefore move to spending that money at home in the UK. Even savings are not earning the interest they have been, so an investment at home is a sensible choice now more than ever.

So, your 2 week family holiday would give you a relaxing time, and wonderful memories. However few realise that for around the same cost, you can have relaxation whenever you want, and happy memories for years and years with your own pool or spa.

Above ground pools are usually round or oval in shape and come in variety of sizes and installation can be very rapid with most of our pools ready to fill with water in a day. Even the larger sizes, which take a little longer, can be built by a competent do-it-yourself person.

Although assembled above the ground they can also be set into the ground to accommodate sloping ground or merely to reduce the height of the pool above the ground to perhaps be incorporated into decking or landscaping. These types of pool will provide everything you want from a swimming pool in your garden, from a cooling dip to serious exercise.

Rigid Above Ground Swimming Pools

Whilst the more flexible pools are good for a season or two (we advise they are taken down and stored for the winter), the metal walled options can last many years, and can look really good too, particularly when surrounded by shrubs, decking or let your imagination design around the outside. Send us your photos please if you are happy for us to show yours on our website.

Above Ground Pool
Above Ground Pool

If you are interested in an above ground freestanding rigid swimming pool for your home then please call us or drop in to see us in our Southampton showroom where we can discuss all the options available to you and find the best solution for you.

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