Swimming Pool And Hot Tub Chemicals

Your swimming pool or hot tub water will accumulate bacteria, which will grow quickly, particularly in warm weather and if not stopped, this will soon make the pool or spa unpleasant to be in. Although even the worst looking water can be returned to a clean state in just a few days, it is much better to keep the water at the right levels by at least a daily check of the pH & chlorine levels and by adding the required chemicals.

Swimming pool chemicals

Chemicals Made Easy For Pool & Spa Water

Before testing the water you should first clear as much debris from the pool/spa and filtration system and then do following:

  • Take a water sample from a few inches below the surface, using your Test Kit to check the levels
  • Always check the label on each packet to ensure correct application.
  • Usually, add only 1 chemical to a jug of warm water before adding the contents to the pool, usually where the water is returning to ensure it is quickly mixed.
  • The most comfortable pH is 7.4. Too high and the Chlorine won't work effectively giving cloudy water, and too low might give you itchy skin and corrode your equipment.
  • If the reading is Higher (e.g. 7.8), add pH minus Dry Acid)
  • If the reading is Lower (e.g. 7.0), add pH plus Alkali)
  • When testing the bacteria-killing Chlorine level, add more Stabilised Chlorine if below the recommended 2 parts per million (Pool), (or 3 ppm for your Spa). The Chlorine level will gradually go down over a few days if none is added, much faster when warm and heavily used or without a cover on.
Children in the  pool
Children in the  pool
  • When first filling, and every 3 weeks, it is important to 'Shock' Chlorinate the water with Non-Stabilised Chlorine to ensure all bacteria are killed, even though your chlorine level my seem OK. We recommend adding at the end of the day, as we don't advise bathing for a few hours after.
  • Ensure that your pump and filter circulates the spa water for at least 2 hours a day. We recommended setting a morning filter cycle for 1 hour and a second filter cycle 12 hours after for 1 hour.
  • If the finest particles are not trapped by the filter, the water may appear hazy, in which case a clarifier can be added.
  • There are other aspects to looking after your water and equipment. We recommend you purchase a more in depth book on the subject, or bring in a water sample for us to check for you once a month for a small fee.
  • If you're not comfortable using Chlorine, we offer alternatives such as Bromine, and the latest Chemical-Free treatments for spas.

Please note that whilst we are happy to give our recommendations, Tubs and Wellness cannot be held liable for any problems created by any advice given here. If you want us to come to your house and do it all for you please see details of our Pool Service Contracts or Hot Tub Service Contracts

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