Clearance Spas

It is widely accepted that hot water bathing and the hydrotherapy massage of air and water jets have many beneficial effects. From the moment you immerse your body into a warm spa it begins to experience changes that make you feel good, making you feel weightless and helps dull pain. The increased blood circulation, with no additional strain on the body, helps to remove impurities, relieves tired and aching muscles and leaves a general feeling of well-being.

Our Hot Tub models are perfect for families, couples and friends or simply for some you time to relax. Choose from our range of high quality, premium hot tubs to suit your needs including size, budget, type and features.

Every Hot Tub is equipped with a state of the art no-bypass filtration system and an ozone disinfection system fitted. This state of the art water purification system makes spa water sparkling clean and clear and reduces the need for chemicals, whilst aiding the normal operation of the chemicals, and also better filtration means more joy and longer product life.

Relaxing in a spa