SpaBerry Range

Relax with a compact and well-built SpaBerry hot tub, which are perfect for couples or two people. The high quality Canadian two person hot tubs use less chemical additives, less electricity, are easy to move and can be installed indoors or outdoors. SpaBerry is engineered, built and tested in Canada to operate at -72C.

SpaBerry is light enough to go anywhere on any surface, deck or patio or balcony, and in any weather! By simply plugging into a 13 amp plug socket, making the SpaBerry truly portable. SpaBerry's are the coolest looking hot tubs on the planet and are an amazing finishing touch to any location. Weighing only 300 pounds dry, the SpaBerry is very easy to move around. Sell your home; take it with you! Have multiple decks at home; move it around for unique perspectives! Don't like doing the mad winter dash outside; move it indoors or into a gargage for the winter! Have a vacation property; why not take it out for the weekend! The possibilities of where a SpaBerry can go are endless!

If you are looking to own the very best 2-Person hot tub on the market we ask you to seriously consider SpaBerry. The truly portable, practical, and affordable spa, built for every climate, built for any location... and built to last! 

Relaxing in a spa