Swimalong - Make Yours An Endless Pool

  • All ages and standards from beginners to serious swimmers
  • Training
  • Hydro-therapy (e.g. arthritis relief)
  • In water teaching

Swimalong, The Amazing New Swimming Machine, Is The Ideal Body Exerciser for:

Swimalong can be used in pools as small as 12ft (3.6m) long x 7ft (2.2m) wide and converts a play/splash pool into a serious exercise swimming pool. It also makes building a small indoor pool an affordable and rewarding investment for fun and health.

Swimming on the spot has, previously, only been possible by using expensive powerful water jets, or in larger pools, long lengths of elastic re-trainers. Buy now in store only, Swimalong a compact unit (costing just 2% of an effective water jet) can be used in any length of pool from 12ft (3.6m) upwards and operates by means of a braided elastic cord housed in a plastic tube only 27" (70cm) long, that extends up to 9ft (2.75m). This is achieved by a pulley and roller system set within the tube, which is itself attached firmly to either a pool building wall, diving board, pool ladder or a post in the ground but remember to use the shallow end for beginners!

The front of the cord is joined to a harness (optional) around the waist of the swimmer, although any belt unaffected by water will suffice. Variable resistance to suit individual swimmers capabilities can be obtained by adding a length of weaker cord (supplied) to the main cord.

Housing the cord in the tube keeps it clean and ready for use, protects spectators from any possible back-lash and facilitates drying of the cord.

Swimalong can be used gently (for pleasure) or vigorously (for fitness & slimming) over short or long periods, to suit anyone. Successful teaching, of children particularly, is easier and quicker to achieve by standing beside the static learner. All types of stroke are possible, for backstroke reverse the belt. For fun, stop swimming and slowly be drawn backwards towards the tube housing, then start again!

Swimalong - the ultimate exerciser and teaching aid...