Swimming Pool Installation Costs

As a quick & rough guide:

£200 - £400 will get you a round plastic splasher pool with the basic but essential pump, paper filter & starter pool chemicals. Ideal as a 'Toe in the Water' to cover your legs, before you move up to...

Children swimming in a pool

How Much Will My New Pool Cost?

£2,000 - £4,000 gets you waist or chest deep in a 52" deep lined oval pool 17ft to 33ft long, you can double that for a long-lasting hardwood pool. These pools come with much stronger pumps, a more effective sand filter & a quality ladder. These are the most popular with young families or grandparents and will last for years. Heaters and covers will extend the swimming season and comfort on all sizes of above ground pool.

£20,000 - £40,000 is needed for an in-the-ground heated pool with Roman steps, lights, covers & heating. This might be the pool of your dreams, the pool you might have had on holiday and you get to choose who uses it!

"Too much but I want it anyway?" If you have a month to spare, then ask us about our DIY kits from under £5,000. We can talk you through all the likely pitfalls and tips that you really need to know, and guide you along each step of the process with site visits if required! It may be that you just want us to fit the liner and set up the filtration system only, and that's fine with us too!

Running costs can be as little as the price of fish & chips once a month for electricity and chemicals, plus heating costs which can be minimised with solar covers and efficient heating now available.

Swimming Pool
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OK, So I Can Work Out My Budget, Convince Me Why I Should Get A Pool This Year!

Who can argue with these benefits:

  • Forget 2 weeks enjoyment. You and your family could still be enjoying your pool in 20 YEARS time. Many parents tell us the pool paid for itself over the summer school holidays - in the first year! You know where your kids are, they're mostly outside getting loads of fresh air and exercise, and boy do they sleep well at bedtime! And they aren't bored and wanting to go out on expensive trips every other day.
  • Forget 2 week relaxation. Your pool or spa is there to help you unwind and relax at ANY hour of the day or night. An outdoor pool is DELICIOUS in the heat of up to 8 months of the year, and a hot tub is simply wonderful in the coldest of weathers (I can't wait to sink into mine as I'm writing this!) and ANY time of year.
  • Aches & Pains? The warm, massaging waters of a spa will gently ease way the stresses and strains of the day and help your circulation repair your body. EVERY day, morning or evening! And swimming is widely regarded as the best and safest form of exercise to help you tone your body and melt off those excess inches! And its fun!
  • KIDS LOVE SWIMMING! Nuff said? Try this test... Shout this out right now "kids, if you could go to Disneyland OR have a swimming pool in the back garden, which would you have?" OK, I know they'll want both, but didn't you always want your own pool when you were younger?
  • Ok, but we get so much rain! Have you never swum in the rain? Guess what, you get wet, but you can always wear a hat! Best experience? Sitting in a hot tub with the snow coming down. Awesome!
  • It's also an investment for your home, adding value to your property as long as you still have SOME garden left! A holiday is paid for and it has all gone in a couple of weeks, but you'll still have your pool and spa in years to come.
  • Thinking of moving? Every potential buyer for your house will remember yours as 'the one with the pool or hot tub' and many choose to leave the pool or spa as a clincher to sweeten the deal, often getting close to the original purchase price added on valuation. Remember, your spa can be moved with you for a small fee if you want to take it with you, but most people like to trade up to the next level when they move. OK, you got the message? Your own Pool or Spa is an INVESTMENT FOR YOUR FAMILY IN MIND, BODY AND HOME. As good as a Holiday to escape from the daily grind AS OFTEN AS YOU WANT!

So, what are you waiting for? If your home is in Hampshire UK, then come and see us, may be this weekend (we are open 7 days a week), and chat through your thoughts with one of our friendly and experienced team. There's no pressure to buy, and we've lots on display for you to see.

How Soon Can you Start?!

A metal or wooden above ground pool can take us around a week to install and another month for an in-the-ground pool, so we do book on a first come first served basis. Remember that an early build will give you time to finish the garden, paths to the pool, etc before the finer weather arrives. If you leave decisions until the hot weather comes (yes it WILL come sooner or later!!), you may find we are already committed to other customers. You have been warned!

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