Opening Your Pool For Summer

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Time To Open Your Pool With Our Top Ten Tips

  • Clean your winter cover of leaves, etc whilst still covering the pool, using your net, or empty water with your Cover Saver. You don't want the debris falling in when you remove it! Carefully fold your cover when dry, and store until the end of the season. A strong chlorine solution cleans paving well, brushing gently away from the pool, avoiding contact with clothes, etc
  • Reconnect all your pipes, valves and replace any clips or plugs (did you make a list before winter?). You should use 'Magic Lubricant' on any 'o' rings and gaskets to reduce leaks and stickiness. Replace baskets, ladders, etc
  • Check the liner for damage. Small cuts can be patched, (underwater, no problem!) 'Tile & Liner Cleaner' will remove most smears along the waterline. Heavy algae stains can be removed with T A Reducer, or a new liner could be installed for less than you might think and with new fittings will give you the effect of a brand new pool!
  • Underwater bulbs must not be switched on out of water, but check for leak damage now
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  • Fill your pool to the top of the skimmer, without disturbing the dust on the pool floor. Don't empty an in ground pool if the high water table pressure could cause a problem. Reconnect your pump and electrical supply (if in doubt, consult an electrician) and prime pump by eliminating air in the system. Any small leaks can be fixed with replacement fittings or gaskets, glue, patches, or Fix-A-Leak. Also check for noise and overheating when first switching on, in case anything has stuck
  • Using your vacuuming system, fill hose with water then carefully vacuum the floor straight to 'waste'. The level should finish halfway up the skimmer. Congratulate yourself on your clear water! If your sand is over 3 years old, now is a good time to replace it (optional). Most cartridge filters are replaced each year, we recommend a 2nd cartridge to use whilst soaking and drying the 1st, measure top, side & hole if unsure. If not replacing, cartridge and sand filters can be degreased with Filter Cleaner
  • Fit your clean solar cover onto a roller, (bubbles down!) having first checked it for holes which can be patched. Don't forget your protective cover to prevent it overheating, ask to see our selection if you intend to replace your cover ('Gold' retains the most heat). Also consider a towing edge, to make life even easier!
  • Isn't it time you treated yourselves to a heater, auto doser, or an automatic pool cleaner, so you can spend more of your valuable leisure time actually in the pool? We can advise the best one for your pool
  • Don't forget to have fun in your pool. We stock everything from floatation biscuits and aquatherapy tubes, to goggles, dive disks, volleyball nets and counter current jets!

Or call us and we can do it for you!

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