Wooden pools

If you want something different from a metal walled above ground pool, but don’t want the expense of a full inground pool, you should be considering a wooden pool from our range. Made from very attractive Scandinavian red woods & pine we can advise you on the options available to you depending on the location and type of ground you are going to be placing the pool onto.

Wooden pool

Wooden Home Swimming Pools

These superior pools can be set at any height, ideal for sloping ground, or of course at your preferred depth. The most popular shape is an octagon, or maybe an oblong with 2 long sides, however also available, for a little extra, one end or both ends can be straight, giving you the larger rectangle or a combination of both, giving you a rectangle at one end, and an octagon at the other end. With additional landscaping or decking you can create a stunning centrepiece for your garden.

Wooden pool
Wooden pool

We also have options for turning a small pool into an exercise pool with a counter current to swim on the spot. The smallest size for this is 3.9m long by 2.4m wide. Check out the sizing options here

These pool kits are easy to put together but we do offer in Hampshire, liner, plumbing, heat pump & filtration fitted for £1000, (excludes base and electrics by others) if local and we can talk you through the self-installation process for free. - if you are interested then please contact us for more details...